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Dr. rer. nat. Dipl.-Biol. Michael Wedler

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Bis 08/1996 beim Lehrstuhl für Pflanzenökologie
e-Mail: Michael.Wedler(at)bitoek.uni-bayreuth.de

Köstner, B; Tenhunen, JD; Alsheimer, M; Wedler, M; Scharfenberg, HJ; Zimmermann, R; Falge, E; Joss, U: Controls on evapotranspiration in a spruce forest catchment of the Fichtelgebirge in Beck E., Bendix J, Kottke I, Makeschin F, Mosandl R,: Ecological Studies, Springer Verlag, 147, 377-415 (2001)
Bernhofer, C; Blanford, JH; Siegwolf, R; Wedler, M: Applying Single and Two Layer Canopy Models to Derive Conductances of a Scots Pine Plantation from Micrometeorological Measurements, Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 53, 95-104 (1996)
Wedler, M; Geyer, R; Heindl, B; Hahn, S; Tenhunen, JD: Leaf-level gas exchange and scaling-up of forest understory carbon fixation fluxes with a "patch-scale" canopy model, Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 53, 145-156 (1996)
Wedler, M; Heindl, B; Hahn, S; Köstner, B; Bernhofer, C; Tenhunen, JD: Model-based estimates of water loss from "patches" of the understory mosaic of the Hartheim Scots Pine plantation, Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 53, 135-144 (1996) -- Details
Wedler, M; Köstner, B; Tenhunen, JD: Understory contribution to stand total water loss at an old Norway spruce forest , Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft für Ökologie, 26, 69-77 (1996)
Wedler, M; Weikert, RM; Lippert, M: Photosynthetic performance, chloroplast pigments, and mineral content of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) exposed to SO2 and ozone in an open air fumigation experiment, Plant, Cell and Environment, 18, 263-276 (1995)
Tenhunen, JD; Wedler, M; Heindl, B; Köstner, B; Hahn, S: Contribution of understory evatranspiration to total water vapor flux at the Hartheim scots pine plantation in Am. Met. Soc. (ed.): 21. Conference on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, San Diego, CA, 187-192 (1994)

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